Risk Management Information Software

RiskConsole is an all-in-one system that turns risk and insurance data into insights that help deliver a competitive advantage. It allows you to capture, manage and analyze your renewal data collection, incidents and claims, policies, ERM, premium allocation, risk financing and more from one integrated system.

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The Business Value of Risk Management Software

A software solution that helps you actively reduce total cost of risk

Improving your efficiencies

All-in-one system
Manage and monitor your renewal data collection, incidents and claims, policies, ERM, premium allocation, risk financing and more from one integrated system.

Workflow automation
Enables your team to spend more time on improving risk management programs by automating manual processes, such as data consolidation, validation, alerts and sending reports, questionnaires and invoices.

Sharing information
Allows collaboration across all your business practices to aid the timely completion of tasks.

Improving your effectiveness

High-quality data
Provides a consistent and structured way to capture, manage, store and share risk and insurance data insights across all your operations and from related systems.

Cash-flow control
Enables you to performance-manage vendors and monitor cash flow and the financial impact for all your claims.

Confidence in your submissions
Present high-quality information in a clear and credible way to underwriters that differentiates your risk and helps you go-to-market with confidence.

Justify insurance programs
View and understand all your risk, exposures and coverage limits; justify your approaches to (and the costs of) risk transfer and retention, risk management and loss prevention.

Improving your compliance

Audit capabilities
Provides a complete audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance and best practices.

Security protocols
Ensures business units as well as the risk and insurance team comply with rigorous global standards for information security.

Capture, Manage and Analyze Risk Data

Gain Control with RiskConsole

Client Focus: The Mosaic Company

42% Internal Rate of Return

With RiskConsole, Mosaic has achieved its primary risk management goal: to manage its exposure data at the highest level of detail. The chemical company began its three-year RMIS rollout with an eight-week, manual and incomplete data collection process. Aon eSolutions helped Mosaic evolve beyond this grind with a bespoke RMIS module that automates all data collection across 90 locations, eight countries and 7,700 employees. Mosaic risk management and its brokers can more easily package underwriting submissions, allowing underwriters to position Mosaic with the most favorable coverages at the lowest rates. Managing exposure data has led Mosaic to an even bigger strategic goal: managing exposures themselves.

Key takeaways:
RiskConsole has made Mosaic's risk management for effective and efficient overall with measurable impact, such as:

  • A 42% internal rate of return for the RMIS 
  • $15,000 in risk management efficiency gains and $40,500 in field user efficiency gains
  • A 20% increase in the data elements in Mosaic's exposure database
  • Six weeks eliminated from the data-gathering process (completed now in under two weeks)
Mosaic’s global exposure data management project, supported by RiskConsole and the exposures module, has enabled us to sharpen our focus on the core of risk management: the timely identification of all risks and exposures; proper understanding and assessment of them; and the effective response to them by employees at all levels.
Michael R. Bishop, Insurance Manager The Mosaic Company

Tools to Manage Risk Data

RiskConsole integrates exposures, policy, claims, contract, litigation and other data from external and internal sources to generate enterprise-wide actionable business intelligence. Information in each module can be linked together, providing a single, comprehensive environment for data management, risk analysis and risk reporting.

RiskConsole is designed to grow with you so that when you need custom or new capabilities, the flexible architecture is ideally suited to configure client-specific, easily scalable modules.

Incident Reporting

Report incidents online through a secure, custom-built form; reduce the time to complete reports—while improving data quality.

Claims Management

View, add, edit and remove claims records through a single point of access; add custom as well as standard fields.

Exposure Management

Capture, track and summarize exposure data of any kind; analyze data for renewals, allocations, benchmarking and TCOR calculations.

Policy Management

Enhance risk financing with automated policy tracking and management for a clear view of deductibles, retention limits and more.

Data Visualization

Business intelligence and location analytics help risk and insurance managers communicate information clearly and effectively.

Renewal Data Collection

Powerful automated workflows to collect exposure data easily, quickly and securely; improve data accuracy for standout market submissions.


Cost-effective, scalable and user-friendly; get input directly from management-level field users for comprehensive, accurate risk profiles.

Premium Allocation

Establish an automated, transparent process of determining each business unit's share of an insurance premium.

Additional Risk Tools

More modules designed to make risk and insurance management a more efficient—and more effective—discipline at any organization.

The Definitive Guide to a RMIS

What is a RMIS? And, how do I know if I need one?

This guide is packed with insights from industry research, and practical worksheets to determine if your organization needs a RMIS and the value it can provide.